South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke Review

Have you forgotten your roots? I’m talking about your vaping roots; where you got your first e cig and took your first smokeless drag. Do you remember whose product was first to touch your lips or where your original rechargeable starter kit came from?

It might have been South Beach Smoke. They were among the original American companies supplying the “cigalike” format (cigarette-like) to new vapers who have since moved on to advanced vaping equipment like eGos, APVs, and VW/TC mods.

Since the Summer of 2010

It’s been an amazing 6 years since South Beach Smoke started out on this run and they continue to be popular. Here’s what the company has to say about themselves. They are supposedly the “most respected” brand. South Beach Smoke points out that vaping is less expensive than smoking, besides being cooler and more enjoyable, while also lacking the nasty elements of cigarettes. All of these things are true, but let’s engage the company on a couple of their statements.

About South Beach Smoke

Firstly, when I went in search of information about the company, at least on their website and Facebook, I wound up with a generic picture of vaping overall rather than South Beach Smoke in particular. Compare this with the image of White Cloud or Vapor4Life.

At Vapor4Life, Steve “Smilin” Milin adds a truly personal touch with his own harrowing story of a life nearly lost to smoking-related illness. His company is the one you want to support if only to keep this guy smilin’.

As for White Cloud, after viewing employee pictures and reading about how management cares for staff, I wanted to work for them myself. Both firms combine personal and professional effectively and make me care about what they do. Readers and customers know why these companies got started.

At South Beach Smoke, it’s hard to say. Did a smart entrepreneur see a vision of profit or hope to do something good, combining two goals and creating a popular cigalike?


Vaping is cheaper than smoking. Whether you buy disposables from South Beach Smoke or any other firm, few states sell a pack of cigarettes for as little or less than the cost of a single e cig which lasts about the same length of time as a pack of cigs. Sometimes the difference is marginal, however. For a long time, my biggest complaint about South Beach Smoke products has been the price.

Looking back at the site just recently I wondered if South Beach Smoke was being generous or closing out their mini cig line. Sales are tremendous with 75% off starter kits, including the Express with two cartridges, a USB charger, and one battery. At $9.99, this can compete with a disposable.

I was sure the firm once sold one-time e cigs too but couldn’t find them on the website. Maybe these Express e cig kits replace one’s need for a disposable format so effectively they got rid of the wasteful disposable product.

Most Respected?

I’m afraid South Beach Smoke probably can’t claim this title. Even if the brand is well-respected and popular, it’s not the most respected and isn’t the best selling brand anymore. While still doing fine, the former front-runner has been ousted out of the Number One spot by honest competition. Apollo, V2, VaporFi, Vapor4Life, and others have overtaken South Beach Smoke.

Strong Competition

What I would say in their defense is that South Beach Smoke competes on more fronts than the likes of V2, Eversmoke (part of the same corporate group as South Beach Smoke), and Green Smoke.

Unlike these others, South Beach Smoke provides an array of vaporizers. The V2 Pro Series isn’t as visually interesting or varied and is associated with crossover vaping (herbs, oils, and waxes), not just e liquids.

Eversmoke, Green Smoke, and White Cloud don’t venture into the realm of advanced vaping. South Beach Smoke’s most formidable competitors in this area are VaporFi, Halo, Vapor4Life, Volcano, and Apollo.

South Beach Custom VaporizersVaporizers at South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke introduced the Air, Curve, Storm, and Thunder vaporizers a couple of years ago. These are far higher-powered devices than the cigalike and don’t use pre-filled cartridges.

That’s why South Beach Smoke also introduced a line of e liquid made to strict standards and available in lots of yummy flavors. With the Custom Vaporizer Builder Kit, you can build a pen from the parts of two models listed above.

Blend the colorful Curve top with a high-powered Thunder battery, for instance, and see it take shape on your computer. Only VaporFi (another sister company) offers the same custom mod building service. Shopping at either one of these online stores can be fun.

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